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Past Projects

Take a fun look back at some of our individual and group projects once they are completed and we move on to the next challenge.

Our May, 2014 project will develop art to donate to the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. Harv Berman is coordinating. The original suggested theme was toys but the hospital has an established underwater theme.  The hospital is very excited and can take as many individual works as we are willing to donate. We are not hanging art for sale although I am sure an info card could hang with the art. NTAL is a non-profit social organization who's mission is to promote art in our community. This project is an excellent example of that commitment.

Harvey coordinated a hospital tour with the volunteer NTAL members. What we saw were spaces that needed paintings that are very colorful and cheerful.  The lobby is designed with underwater scenes with creatures that are whimsical  with bright cheerful expressions.  We went into the Radiology area that really needed similar art…but opened up for whatever we wanted to do.  There were several doors that were painted a rather drab color and these were open to artistic improvement as well.  The sky’s the limit – the staff were besides themselves because we  wanted to donate original art. There actually are no size limitations.  Colors on the walls are neutral and need lots of color. Harvey Berman gave us an update on NTAL's original art donation project to benefit Shriner's Hospital. Eight members joined Harvey for a tour of the facility. The theme has expanded from underwater subjects to include land-based animals too. Canvas wrapped or in a simple, black frame and ready to be hung. The deadline is July 21 when the group will present the art to the hospital at 1pm. Dave Beebe noted that NY based Art To Frames is an excellent source for frames. They make frames to order. Frames larger than 16x20 have plexi instead of glass. Repeat customers even get a 10% discount with code "Return".

The presentation of 11 original works of art was made on July 21. Check out our Hot News coverage of this event.