Periodically, NTAL will host individual or group art challenges. This is a great way to engage our membership and have some fun creating art.

For our Spring 2014 project (March - June), we selected 2 photos for subject matter. Each image was divided into 9 panels. These 18 panels have been assigned to volunteer member artists.
  • Each panel will be interpreted by its artist's style, media and vision.
  • Each panel will be completed on a $2 - 8"x10" canvas on 3/4" stretcher. 
  • Watercolor artists can use a watercolor ground to paint on canvas.
  • Each gallery wrap canvas should be painted on the sides as well although we expect them to be coupled directly to their adjacent panels.
  • Each panel will be signed by its artist once we have them assembled into a single work.
At the April general meeting on 4/23, we hoped to bring these panels together and assemble them into 2 single works but not all panels are ready. The panels are assembled now and will be featured at our June 25th Show & Tell meeting.

Plans are to display the 2 works at Grow Financial, replacing the current NTAL show.

Click on the 2 photos below to see a larger version of the finished mosaics. The panels are numbered 1-9 from the top left corner moving right and down.

Hong Kong 2007 Sai Kung harbor,
photograph by David Beebe


Virginia Butler (1)
Emily Levy (2 and 4)
Dorothy Banker (3)
Pat Beebe (5)
Bob Clark (6)
Arlene Wells (7)
Marie Schadt (8)
Robert Murdock (9)


Francine Bauer (1)
Carol Northington (2)
Gary Bernardo (3)
Harvey Berman (4)
Dore Anderson (5)
Joan Garcia (6)
Arlene Wells (7)
Jean Dobbs (8)
John Henne (9)

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