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May General Meeting Notes

posted Jun 4, 2018, 3:58 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jun 4, 2018, 3:59 AM ]
Welcome:  Diane welcomed all to LEC. 

Officers’ Report:  Treasurer:  Bank Balance - $2,163.98.  Members:  37.  The non-renewals were dropped from the roster on May 1, 2018. 

Committee Reports:  Sally Yoder Plein Air:  Sally reported due to the weather, Plein Air will stop for the summer months and resume in October.  It was also noted a Plein Air group called Urban Sketchers that continue their outdoor painting all year and anyone is welcome to join.  You would need to go through Facebook to gather this information. 

Volunteer Activities:  
  • John Henne reported on the Jimmy B. Keel Library.  John talked with the Display Chairman of the library and NTAL needs to set a date and commit to this before we make final arrangements. 
  • Dotty Baker and Virginia Butler reported on The Fat Rabbit.  Dotty and Virginia spoke with the owner of The Fat Rabbit about NTAL displaying art at his Restaurant.  He suggested a reception either Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon where our artists could show their art.  He wanted to see samples of our work and then would converse with his partners about this happening.  A proposal was sent to John Ellwood the owner suggesting a reception be held there for our Featured Artist once a Quarter.  We are awaiting his answer.  

Joose Hadley Framing Program:   It as decided by the group to not have a Field trip to Joose Hadley’s framing shop but ask her to demo at our next meeting at  Comptom Park - more people would be able to attend.  Tess volunteered to call Joose and find out a date that would be good for her, either June 27 or July 25. 

Chairman:   A Chairman is needed for our Membership Show in April 2019 and a Field Trip Chairman is needed – no volunteers at this time. 

Art Challenge:  John Henne won the last Art Challenge so he was asked to come up with a theme for our next challenge to be held on June 27.  The theme for the next challenge is “Shades of Red”. 

Program:  Subtractive Imprimatur – demonstrated by Sally Yoder.   Members were able to create their own masterpiece!  Thank you Sally for the demo.