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June General Meeting Notes

posted Jun 28, 2018, 2:02 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jun 29, 2018, 8:16 AM ]
Welcome:  Diane opened the meeting and welcomed all to LEC.

Officers Report:  Treasurer:  Bank Balance $2253.00.  Members – 38 paid members.

Diane again asked for volunteers to chair the Holiday Party and the 2019 Membership Show at Carrollwood Cultural Center.  Discussion continued regarding the Holiday party and it was decided to do a party at Compton Park this year.  All agreed that the 2017 Party was great but expensive so we will alternate.  John will check with Compton and get some available dates for us.

The program was by Jessica Pruitt, Pasco County Library, The Foundry. They have an amazing amount of programs going on there.  Their slide presentation showed many of the activities at The Foundry and they have a FB page you can check for events.

Joan brought our undersea collage in for discussion and ideas as to what we should do with it.  The alternative is to take it apart and each artist will take their painting.  Jessica from The Foundry asked Joan to send her a photo of the collage and she would see if they could come up with ideas.  

Shades of Red Art Challenge was interesting with discussion on artist’s techniques.  Alan Metzger won 1st place for his Red Bird, John Henne won 2nd place for his Red Horses and Joan took 3rd place for her colored pencil of a Flamenco Dancer.  

July meeting  is Show and Tell and the August meeting will be a presentation by Joose Hadley on framing.

The next Art Challenge will be announced by our winner, Alan Metzger, at the August Monthly Meeting.