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posted Apr 15, 2020, 7:32 AM by North Tampa Arts League

IT’S WORLD ART DAY and NTAL thought that our first interview should be our Founder, John Henne. Here is his interview done by our President, Diane Harm.

As the Founder of the North Tampa Art League, could you tell us how the concept of the organization came about?   At the time, I was a member of the Artist Advisory Committee of Hillsborough County.  We had an initiative to start Art Leagues in different parts of town.  My responsibility was North East Tampa. 

2006 Board of Directors

What was the original Mission of the organization?   The mission now is the same as the original mission:  To develop and support the arts in general and to make North Tampa a more vibrant art Community.


What if anything would you change?  I think the NTAL has had wonderful leadership.  I think the local demand is not very high, not sure what to do about that.


Who are you as an artist and what do you do?  I love the satisfaction of creating something I can be proud of.   The idea of introducing a new method in my painting is very satisfying.  I’m always trying to push the envelope to create something special.


What is your background?  Early on I always like to draw and paint.  Didn’t do much art during my career of data processing and accounting.  Managed to retire at age 50 and started my journey to become a respected artist.


What role does the artist have in society?  Not sure about society in general.  Art for seniors, however, can be very useful.  Art is as challenging as folk would like it to be.


Has your practice changed over time?   I guess I work harder than I use to because my time is more precious.


What work do you enjoy doing most?   Trying to figure what makes a successful piece of art and at the same time exploring the world of “Abstract Realism”.


What art do you identify with?  Abstract realism.


What themes do you pursue? Usually, single subject, fairly close up, emotional, colorful.  I know it when I see it.


What is your favorite artwork or your favorite artist? florian nicolle, Tibor Nagy, Tes One


Describe a real life situation that inspired you?  Looking at artwork online, in books and magazine and attending art shows.


What memorable responses have you had to your artwork?  Satisfying a client.


Should art be funded? I think so?


What is your dream project?   Creating art to be displayed in a successful gallery.


What is the best advice you have been given?  Work hard and free up my mind.


If you could give one piece of advice to artists, what would it be?   Work hard, free up your mind and  keep trying to create art that you can be proud of.


Professionally what is your goal?  Keep improving and selling art.