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Stirling Gallery Reception Photos. And The Winners Are...

posted Oct 15, 2016, 9:42 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jan 12, 2017, 6:42 PM ]
Joan Garcia and David Beebe have shared photos from the reception for the NTAL show "I Did It My Way" at the Stirling Art Studios and Gallery in Dunedin, FL. If you have photos from the event that you would like to share, send it to either Joan or Dave. The show remains on display until October 31. 

NTAL Stirling Gallery Awards 

1st In Show – “Cruising the Channel” by Joan Garcia

All of Joan’s work is equally as stunning. I was particularly drawn to the composition and balance of color in this square format. The light and attention to detail is exquisite. The luminosity of the painting gives a sense of depth and perspective from the viewer. The story unfolding above and below the water is equally as interesting creating a dynamic composition and narrative.

2nd Overall – “Homosassa Sunset” by Hernie Vann

All of Hernie’s paintings are stunning also ! I was particularly taken by this landscape with a great sense of depth and light. The warm glow of the sunset is enveloping and natural. I love the glowing and subtle highlights in the palm trees and grass.

3rd Overall – “Helping Hand” by Monica Leon

A stained glass with so many talented painters, I did not want to overlook the wonderful variety in this mixed media piece. I loved the composition, textures and color choice of this stained glass piece. The detail of the “hand” is like a period that completes the end of a beautifully crafted poem.

1st in category Painting (Oil, Acrylic, Water Color) - “The Gathering” (Wolves) by Virginia Butler

It was extremely difficult to choose the top painting award with so many talented painters in this show. I could have easily given twice as many awards if I had been allowed. This painting captured my attention for it’s beautiful detail, treatment of textures and interesting, unusual composition.

Honorable Mention Painting – “Diner’s Delight” by Lynn Rattray

1st in category Drawing/Pastels – “Berry Fairy” by Joan Garcia

A beautifully executed drawing with lush color and delicate detail.

Honorable Mention Drawing – “Afternoon of a Fawn” by Dore’ Anderson

1st in category Mixed Media/3D/Sculpture – “Silver Streak” by Lloyd Johnson

I love the choice and combination of materials and textures in this piece. A simple composition that reminds me of Pop Art greats like Roy Lichtenstein’s construction and comic strip work.

Honorable Mention Mixed Media/3D/Sculpture – “Ruptured Adolescence” by Carla Wilkins

1st in category Photography – “Mean Bird” by Sandra Vann

The selection in photography is equally stunning as the paintings. “Mean Bird” stood out the most with the tight but dynamic composition. An intimate moment caught with crisp detail. The eye moves throughout the picture with lush texture. It is also framed beautifully.

Honorable Mention Photography – “Turtle Dude” by David Beebe