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September 28 General Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 1, 2016, 3:30 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jan 12, 2017, 6:41 PM ]


Lynn welcomed our visitors Linda Tien and Gaston McKenzie. 

Thanks went out to: 

Carol Northington who was absent, for all she’s done with the Stirling show. 

Lloyd and Jan also for the Stirling Show. 

Jan Roser for accepting the Boards nomination for 2VP. 

To everyone who represented NTAL at Blick’s grand opening demos and the reception. 

To all who volunteer and the Board members for all they do.

To Dave and Margret for storing the items that were stored at LEC that had to be moved out.

Dorothy for planning Plein Air.

Paula Noblitt  for assisting with Featured Artist. 

And for all who brought tonight’s snacks.

Good News and Happenings:

Congratulations to the winners of the Blick Art show. Joan Garcia – 1st place. Hernie Vann – 2nd place, Dave Beebe – 3rd place.

Update on Blick – they will be hosting the Featured Artist exhibit.

Officers’ Report:

Secretary’s Report:  Margret Thomas - The Board minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Joan Garcia - Bank balance - $2469.33

1st VP Report: John Henne - Our meeting with Tim Gibbons and Jayne Lisbeth was very informative and will be sending them our P.R. release to be critiqued and distributed.

2nd VP Report:  Carol Northington, Jan Roser - Stirling Show update.  Lloyd Johnson spoke with Lennie Benette, from the Tampa Bay Times,  and sent her the information on the Stirling show. Joan suggested sending her another PR to announce the judge for the Stirling show. John enlisted to send it. Carol will send an e-mail for the art drop off and pick up instructions at Compton Park and Dave’s house.  Committee will be there to install show and lunch will be provided. Volunteer sheet passed for food and beverages for the Stirling Show. It was suggested that the artist wear name tags. Joan will provide the name tags.

Committee Reports: 

Featured Artist – Paula Nobblitt announced the details for the Featured Artist event coming up next month. This is a great opportunity to be promoted.  Selection will be made during the general meeting Show and Tell. Members can bring as many pieces as they want to show and they don’t have to be part of the competition.

Holiday Party Update - Dotty asked for volunteers and a food list was passed around.

New Business:

Tim Gibbons and Jayne  Lisbeth were invited to the board meeting to discuss exhibiting at the Bamboozle Café.  The Board decided it is a good opportunity for NTAL members and will look into exhibiting in March.  More information will be available later. 


Art Work for the Blick Small Works Show has all been picked up.

Visionaries show at Carrollwood Community Center, an exhibit for artists or organizations that have contributed to their communities.  Individuals are responsible for their submissions but can list NTAL as their organization. Deadline is in two weeks.

Volunteer coordinators needed:
Marketing – Computer skills needed
Programs – a hands on program is needed for Nov 17

Gaston teaches Watercolors and Plein Air at LEC and will be leading a weekly Urban Sketching session. 

Barb Craig was accepted in the Gadsden Art Center show in Quincy FL.

Dotty and Virginia, David and Pat will be participating in the upcoming Pinellas Ale Works Show.

Next Plein Air for Oct. will be in Dade City. Check NTAL website for photos.

Joan Garcia won 2nd place in the Hispanic Heritage Show. She gave an announcement for Blick’s prints. They are available for a good price and quality.

Break taken for Rummage Sale.

Member Input:

Suggestions were asked for future programs. 

1. Museum Trips – a lot interested.  2. Fine Art America presentation – a lot interested.  3. Art Professor Critique – a positive response.  3. Blick Printing Representative - a lot interested.  4. Gaston’s Demo.  5. Photographing Your Work – a lot interested.