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November General Meeting Notes

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:27 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Aug 23, 2018, 3:48 PM ]
We started our meeting with 2 reminders: the deadline to sign-up and pay for our Holiday Party is December 6 and the deadline to sign-up and pay for our January, 2018 art show at Bamboozle Cafe is December 16!

Pat Beebe led an acrylic pouring workshop at the North Tampa Arts League's meeting held at the Life Enrichment Center last night. The LEC hosts NTAL's demos and workshops 4 times per year during the 2nd month of each quarter.

To recap, start with a small paper cup for each color. Add a small amount of Floetrol to each cup (make sure it is well shaken first). Add acrylic paint to color the Floetrol (approximately 1 part paint to 4 parts Floetrol) and rubbing alcohol to thin the mixture to a watery consistency. Add 3 drops of silicon to each small cup. The silicon creates the cells but don't get carried away. Too much silicon prevents cells from forming.

For this workshop, we cut off the bottom from an empty water bottle and placed it on top of our canvas. Alternate pouring each color onto the bottle bottom. Its shape channels the paint into a flower-like shape. You can use a wood stick to help push the paint out of the channels. Finally use a flat surface to gently scrape the paint towards the edges of the channel.

A second technique we tried is called a dirty pour. In this case, you layer each color into a new cup. Place the canvas on top of the cup and invert it. Gently lift the cup to start the paint flowing and mixing across the canvas.


More photos from this event can be found at Meetup