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March General Meeting Notes

posted Mar 24, 2017, 2:00 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 1, 2018, 3:42 AM ]
Welcome: Joan Garcia, standing in for Lynn, welcomed new / old member Joanmarie Hofmann. 

Thanks went out to: All who sent good wishes and cards to John Henne. And for the snacks.

Committee Reports: 

  • Bamboozle show art work needs to be picked up Saturday, April 1st at 9 a.m.
  • The Membership show is in June. The title for the show is “Artists: The Soul of the Community”.
  • Dore’ Anderson has volunteered to chair the membership show committee and will be signing up volunteers to help.
  • April meeting is the Show & Tell and selecting Featured Artist.

The board decided that John Henne will remain a member in perpetuity. 
Marie Schadt won 1st and 2nd   place at the Strawberry Festival.

The floor was open for nominations. Nominees from the floor must be active members.
  • Treasurer – No nominations were announced from the floor. The position is still open.
  • Secretary – Margret Thomas was nominated to a second year. Gary Bartlett second the nomination. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • 2nd Vice President – Sally nominated Dore’ Anderson. Dore’ accepted. Dotti Banker second the nomination. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • 1st Vice President – Dave Beebe was nominated. Marie Schadt second the nomination. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • President – Fran Byers was nominated. Sally Yoder second. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • Ex- Officio – Past President Lynn Rattray continues on the board as Ex-officio.
No further nominations from the floor. All run unopposed and in favor.

Congratulations! These new members of our board will take office April 1st.

Program: Art Challenge – Black & White + 1 
Sally Yoder introduced and explained the procedures. Twelve artist participated in the challenge. Prizes were awarded to the 3 winners.
  • 1st – Sally Yoder – oil painting
  • 2nd – Margret Thomas – oil painting
  • 3rd – Dave Beebe – photography

Members present were asked for feedback of this activity and whether to continue. All agreed it was fun and a learning experience. The 30 days is sufficient time to work on the challenge. Time was allotted for all participating artists to discuss their work. Interest in continuing 3 times a year (3rd month of each quarter except the 4t quarter). The next challenge presentation will be in June. The challenge announcement will be given at the May meeting. 

Thanks to all for participated.