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General Meeting – June 22, 2016

posted Jun 25, 2016, 12:59 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 10:51 AM ]
Our President, Lynn Rattray, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. She recognized new member, Joan Supkay and asked that Joan introduce herself and tell us a little bit about herself. Visitors were Fran Byers and Mary Jane Neil and they each spoke a little about themselves. Lynn reported that Compton Park has requested that we are out of the building by 8:45 to give them time to straighten up and close by 9:00 p.m.

Lynn reported two resignations from the Board and the appointments for each position: Maureen Murphy is stepping down as VP-Programs/Events and Carol Northington has accepted the Board’s appointment to this position.

Dorothy Banker is stepping down as Secretary and the Board has appointed Margaret Thomas, who has accepted this position.

Lynn thanked:

-Maureen for presiding at the May Board and general meeting, for allowing us to store supplies at LEC, as well as hold meetings there, and for continuing her involvement with NTAL as time allows.

-Dave for handling the website and anything technical.

-Joan for the newsletter.

-Dorothy for offering to stay on as Secretary until we find a replacement.

-Joan for bringing refreshments.

-John for cleaning out the storage unit and filling in for Steve w/easels and lights

-Joan and John for presenting tonight’s Show & Tell program.

-Membership Show committee chairs and member were recognized.

-Members shared other thank you/recognitions, good news and/or recognitions and shows, as follows:

John Henne is working on a new commission FAA, Republican Elephant, Manhattan

Gary Bartlett introduced Fran Byers, Bugs Splatter Gallery and spoke about the show he and Lloyd have at this gallery.

Barbara Craig shared information about her show and shared that her bird photo was chosen for the brochure.

Lynn presented thoughts on the importance of volunteering for the benefits we personally get from the experience and how NTAL benefits. She asked for 6 volunteers to which she handed out cards with statements about the need and results of volunteering and asked each of the 6 to read their card, asking members to reflect on the statements, and focus on statements that resonated with them. Unfilled volunteer needs were provided and members asked to consider accepting one. By the end of the meeting we had filled all but a few, with several members considering those not yet filled. Committees Chairs were filled as follows:

Plein Air Coordinator - Dorothy Banker/Margret Thomas Featured Artist Coordinator - Paula Noblitt
Membership Coordinator - Barbara Craig
Grants Coordinator - Gary Bartlett

General Meeting Programs - TBD
Marketing Coordinator - TBD
Holiday Party Coordinator - Dotty Banker/Virginia Butler

Officers’ Reports were given as follows:

Treasurer - $2174.90; Members: 53.

Secretary: The May meeting was an activity meeting at LEC and no minutes were taken.

Publicity: John reported that we had an another news article published on our Membership Show and winners of awards.

Lynn reported for VP of Programs/Events that this evening’s program of Gallery Owners was postponed due to change in officers and that Maureen would provide this program in connection with LEC at a later date. She also advised that members should expect to receive information on the Stirling Gallery show in July. Lloyd Johnson and and Carol Northington will be working on this show together.

Joan Garcia gave a Committee Report on our Membership show. Announcements were called for, with none being given. Membership took a break before Program. John Henne and Joan Garcia presented our program:

-Review of Featured Artist Program

-Presentation of Show and Tell

-After the Show & Tell, we all voted on Featured Artist. Congratulations to Virginia Butler, who won as Featured Artist for the 3rd quarter 2016.

-Dave Beebe presented our previous group projects with 12x12 canvases. Fran Byers offered to show them at her gallery in Zephyrhills.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Banker