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General Meeting - July 27, 2016

posted Jul 29, 2016, 8:39 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 10:51 AM ]

President Lynn Rattray welcomed our new member Fran Byers and her guest

Susan Miller. 

Lynn opened the meeting with “Good News and Happenings”. Blick met with

the board members. They are partnering with NTAL. Their National and

Regional manager Todd Mcgill-Rusynyk is very impressed with the group’s


A reminder to all that the Blick grand opening is August 24 – 28.

Members are encouraged to go everyday if possible for support and to

participate in giveaways, demos, some by NTAL artists, and other Artist


They are making space at their store to show the NTAL Featured Artist and host an NTAL show during their opening with a reception for the NTAL show scheduled for August 27, from 5 – 8. There will be a life drawing event concurrent with the NTAL show. This will be a small works show for 2D pieces probably no larger than 18x24. There will be room for about 20 paintings. The call has not gone out yet. Blick will also be sponsoring awards and is looking for a judge for the Stirling Show. There may be a soft opening at the first of August.

Members who volunteered for co-ordinator positions at the June meeting were recognized. Volunteer Positions are being filled. Volunteer position available in General Meeting Programs, finding speakers, demonstrations or workshop ideas

for a monthly meeting. Programs for August, October and November needed. Congratulations to Virginia Butler, the Featured Artist. Thanks were expressed to the Board of Directors for the work they do, to members who brought

refreshments, and the Dunedin Show Committee.

Officer Reports: 

a. Treasurer – Balance $2151.36. Membership – 54 

b. VP / Publicity – Reminded of the upcoming Stirling Show. 

c. VP / Programs and Events – Not present. 

Stirling Show Committee chair, Lloyd Johnson, passed around the volunteer list for the upcoming show.  Those who volunteer may have their submitted work considered for the flyer if they send him a jpeg. Vans will be used to transport art from Compton Park to Dunedin.

Tampa Bay Times writer Ernest Hooper will be doing a new weekly feature on local artists. 


Joose Hadley, a new member, sent a complimentary letter to NTAL which Lynn read. She owns the frame shop in Odessa, Great Art and Frames. She is making available to artists free acid free mat board (the drops and other pieces from

custom framing jobs). She is also offering the space in front of her shop for any artist who wants to schedule a Saturday to show/sell their work. If interested in either of these opportunities, artists should stop by the shop at 8535 Gunn Hwy, Odessa or call Joose at 813-792-8960. 

Joan Garcia announced that OPOA (Oil Painters of America) has accepted her painting. 


Sara Mullins gave her presentation on Pricing Your Art Work and Galleries on the Go. A very informative presentation on pricing, promoting and selling art work. Notes will be made available soon.