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Annual Member's Show Judging

posted Jun 10, 2017, 2:05 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 2:18 PM ]
Due to a lower than usual turnout of artists entering the show and a significant reduction in sponsor provided prizes, this year's show had to move every entry into a single, combined category. We brought in Sue Downes Allen to judge the show. Here is what she had to say about it:

"Thank you for the opportunity to judge this excellent exhibit.  I wish I had more awards to give.
Beyond an artists handling of their chosen medium, my criteria was composition, and overall effect in addition to how well each artist achieved their intent."

Best In Show:   award $75.00  & AOE $25.00 Gift Certificate
Roland Descombes       for           “Cypress Roots I”

This excellent, well composed, drawing is strong enough to catch my eye from across the room.
Close-up I enjoyed the artist’s skill and finesse with detail.  The award is won by presenting a beautifully complete work of art.

First Place:   award $50.00
Dave Beebe                for                “Habana Past Tense”   

Photography should catch an interesting moment in an original way.  Technical aspects are a given and other aspects of creativity dominate. Here the photographer achieves that as he leads us on a path of discovery with bold color and content.  

Second Place:  award $25.00
Gainor Roberts      for              “Somewhere The Sun Is Shining”

I love the title of this painting, which tells a story, while effectively using light and varying de-grees of dark for it’s powerful impact.

Third Place:   award $20.00 
Carol Flagg                for              “Orchids and Pears”

This perfect composition, beautifully painted, draws me in with the pear in the foreground and then sends my eye searching for other yellows, contrasted by a balance of purples and greens.

Honorable Mention:      
Ruth Nienhaus           for            “Spanish Flowers”

In this watercolor painting of white flowers, color and just enough darks are splashed into a beautiful composition which allows the whites to sing.

Honorable Mention:  
Diane Harm       for             “Fall Feast”

This simple but well rendered painting of corn plants and birds is elevated to award status by effective use of negative space and beautiful lights and darks.  Stand back and feel the space and design.

People’s Choice:
Virginia Butler          for            “Dos Burritos’”

This was a new category for 2017 and votes were accepted by those in attendance. There were 12 artists that received votes and each artist received exactly 2. With a 12-way tie, the award was decided by drawing (as in a random selection, not a sketch). 

See more photos at our Friends of NTAL Meetup site and  play a slideshow.