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2016 Board Nominations Are Open

posted Jan 30, 2016, 1:32 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 8:40 AM ]
At the January General Meeting, Joan Garcia opened the floor to nominations for the following April 2016 - March 2017 NTAL board positions. The following nominations were made during that meeting: 
  • President is responsible for formalizing the agenda for the monthly Board meeting (3rd Tuesdays) and General Meeting (4th Wednesday or Thursday). The President facilitates these meetings as well. The President provides overall coordination of the efforts being made to implement the goals of the North Tampa Arts League and enforce its by-laws. 
    • David Beebe is not seeking a third term as President but will remain on the board in the position of Ex Officio for 1 year.  John Henne nominated Lynn Rattray and Lynn accepted tentatively. 
  • 1st VP-Publicity is responsible for formal communications between NTAL and local media outlets to promote the activities of NTAL's membership. 
    • Emily Levy nominated John Henne and John accepted tentatively. 
  • 2nd VP-Programs is responsible for the overall coordination of NTAL events, working with the assigned Committee co-chairs to set and meet all deadlines and to coordinate volunteer activities. Also responsible for coordinating guest speakers and other program related activities.  
    • Dave Beebe nominated Maureen Murphy and Maureen accepted. 
  • Treasurer is responsible for the in-take and out-take of funds, maintaining a budget and reporting on the budget at the monthly board meetings. The treasurer is responsible for completing and submitting the required annual state reporting.  In 2015, the treasurer assumed the process and procedures of the Membership chair to streamline the process.   
    • Lynn Rattray nominated Joan Garcia and Joan accepted. 
  • Secretary records the official minutes of the monthly board meetings and, as required, the general meetings. These minutes are approved by the board and the final version is submitted for posting online.    
    • Francine Bauer nominated Dorothy Banker and Dorothy accepted. 
Following January's General Meeting, if additional active members wish to run for a board position, they must send an email to to be added to the ballot. The voting period is from March 9 - March 22 with results available at the March 23 General Meeting at Compton Park. Voting will be online this year using the same Google Forms format as our 2015 Member Survey.