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October General Meeting Notes

posted Oct 26, 2017, 4:31 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 2:23 PM ]


Fran opened the meeting welcoming the new members, Victoria Foster and Gina Cunningham. 

Committee Reports: 

Pat Beebe, Toast Of Tampa Chairman – The exhibit / art sale is Nov. 4th at the USF Music Concert Hall lobby, 3755 USF Holly Dr. The art call went out and 6 participants have signed up. There’s room for more but it’s limited.

Bamboozle – Pat Beebe is the contact for this event. This is for all paid NTAL members. Art call is going out. Space is limited to 30 pieces no larger than 16”x 20”. Installation is Jan 13. There will be lots of activities going on downtown during this month. No commission will be charged for art sold, NTAL has paid the venue fee.

Diane Harm, Christmas Party Chairman – The dinner will be at Quatro, in the Tournament Players Club on Dec. 13, 6 – 9. The price for the dinner is $30.  There will be 2 choices of entrees and a vegetarian dish. They will also accommodate allergies. A bar is available for drinks or bring your own wine ($10 corkage fee). There will be music, a television and an available microphone. Decorations can be put up. This is a sit-down dinner not a buffet. The round tables accommodate 6 – 8 seats. The e-mail will go out as soon as the meal choices are available.

Sally Yoder, Plein Air Chairman – The next outing is a Quick Draw and Potluck at Sally’s House from 4 – 8. 


Dotty Banker sold one of her paintings that was exhibited at Hidden Springs. 

Paula Noblitt sold a small 8x10.

Fran Byers’ Toast of Tampa Choir competed in Las Vegas and took 4th place in world.

Joan Garcia has a painting in the Lightening Celebration of the Arts at Amelia Arena.


Show and Tell and Featured Artist – Paula Noblitt Chairman.  12 members participated in the Show and Tell. 10 members entered to be voted for the Featured Artist. The F.A. winner is Fran Byers. Congrats!

Our Nov. Program will be at the LEC. Pat Beebe will demo acrylic pouring. Participation is encouraged so bring an apron.

September Art Challenge Winners

posted Sep 28, 2017, 12:53 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 2:21 PM ]

This quarter's art challenge topic was "Wine". And the winners were: 

Virginia Butler, Sally Yoder and Libby Sheridan. Congratulations! You can find all the event photos at Meetup

March General Meeting Notes

posted Mar 24, 2017, 2:00 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 1, 2018, 3:42 AM ]

Welcome: Joan Garcia, standing in for Lynn, welcomed new / old member Joanmarie Hofmann. 

Thanks went out to: All who sent good wishes and cards to John Henne. And for the snacks.

Committee Reports: 

  • Bamboozle show art work needs to be picked up Saturday, April 1st at 9 a.m.
  • The Membership show is in June. The title for the show is “Artists: The Soul of the Community”.
  • Dore’ Anderson has volunteered to chair the membership show committee and will be signing up volunteers to help.
  • April meeting is the Show & Tell and selecting Featured Artist.

The board decided that John Henne will remain a member in perpetuity. 
Marie Schadt won 1st and 2nd   place at the Strawberry Festival.

The floor was open for nominations. Nominees from the floor must be active members.
  • Treasurer – No nominations were announced from the floor. The position is still open.
  • Secretary – Margret Thomas was nominated to a second year. Gary Bartlett second the nomination. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • 2nd Vice President – Sally nominated Dore’ Anderson. Dore’ accepted. Dotti Banker second the nomination. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • 1st Vice President – Dave Beebe was nominated. Marie Schadt second the nomination. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • President – Fran Byers was nominated. Sally Yoder second. All in favor. The position is closed.
  • Ex- Officio – Past President Lynn Rattray continues on the board as Ex-officio.
No further nominations from the floor. All run unopposed and in favor.

Congratulations! These new members of our board will take office April 1st.

Program: Art Challenge – Black & White + 1 
Sally Yoder introduced and explained the procedures. Twelve artist participated in the challenge. Prizes were awarded to the 3 winners.
  • 1st – Sally Yoder – oil painting
  • 2nd – Margret Thomas – oil painting
  • 3rd – Dave Beebe – photography

Members present were asked for feedback of this activity and whether to continue. All agreed it was fun and a learning experience. The 30 days is sufficient time to work on the challenge. Time was allotted for all participating artists to discuss their work. Interest in continuing 3 times a year (3rd month of each quarter except the 4t quarter). The next challenge presentation will be in June. The challenge announcement will be given at the May meeting. 

Thanks to all for participated.

1st Quarter Featured Artist Selected

posted Feb 3, 2017, 5:18 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 1, 2018, 3:38 AM ]

On January 25, 2017 Paula Noblitt, was selected as the North Tampa Arts League Featured Artist for the 1st Quarter of 2017. Paula’s acrylic painting, “Girl, Book, Cat” explores the simple pleasures of reading a good book with a pet by your side. The loosely painted soft background represents the readers’ loss of awareness as she delves into the theme of the book, while her dreamy gaze, looking directly at the viewer, brings her back to reality. The cat facing opposite the book is perhaps enjoying her own dream.  

Paula’s style varies allowing the subject to dictate the process. Some paintings could be described as “quiet” in terms of color and simplicity, while others incorporate bright colors and iridescence. The voice of the painting generally reflects the artist’s mood… and vice versa. Her most recent work explores dreamy, soft and abstract backgrounds sometimes using highly pigmented inks or liquid acrylics. 

Paula Noblitt resides in Temple Terrace and has been interested in art and painting since adolescence. It wasn’t until recently that she has been able to devote time to her painting passion. She is largely self-taught and utilizes books, internet, and continuing education classes for instruction and support. She credits wonderful high school art teachers for providing her with a base for her work. Paula Noblitt can be contacted at Website

NTAL Downtown Arts Invasion

posted Jan 30, 2017, 6:09 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Apr 8, 2017, 3:11 PM ]

North Tampa Arts League has the unique opportunity to exhibit our members’ artwork at the Bamboozle Café in downtown Tampa at 516 N. Tampa Street
Tampa, FL 33602. A well-known Tampa Restaurant specializing in fresh, healthy Southeast Asian Food, Bamboozle has extensive exposure to the art buying public. This opportunity is open to all paid NTAL Active Members to exhibit their art that can be hung on the wall.  Attached is the Call to Artists, please read the terms (they are a little different from our other shows), How To Apply and be sure to meet the deadlines. Space and sizes are limited so be sure to get your entry in ASAP. 


Application Deadline:                   February 12, 2017 
Art Drop-off:                                 Saturday, March 4, 2017, 8:30 am - 9:00 am 
Opening Reception:                      Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 6:00 to 9:00 pm 
Art Pickup:                                    Saturday, April 1, 2017, TBD 

November 17 General Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 18, 2016, 11:44 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 26, 2017, 12:36 PM ]

Welcome: Lynn welcomed our new members Helen Pelican, Donald Evans, Patti Touchtone, Bill Bellgraph, Diane Harm, and Rosa Torremocha. and visitors Sally Yoder, Rose Singleton and Christian Howard. 

Thanks went out to: Paula Noblitt and Joan Supkay for the Featured Artist event. And Dotty Banker for Plein Air Somewhere. 

Congratulations to Hernie Vann for winning the Featured Artist. 

Good News and Happenings: Pat Beebe had 3 works accepted in the Brandon Square Off.

Marie Schadt has work accepted in the Artisans In The Garden show in Tallahassee. 

Joan Garcia’s piece in OPA sold. 

Lynn had an Article in the St. Pete Times covering her Jimmie B. Keel Library show. Also 4 pieces were
accepted for the Randy Higbee Gallery show in Costa Mesa, Calif. 

Officers’ Report:  
Secretary’s Report: Board Minutes for November are available at the NTAL website.
Treasurer’s Report: Membership - 60. Bank Balance - $2,083.42.
1st. VP Report: Changes for Featured Artist procedure will be reviewed in January. One change was
announced. Members who are selected for Featured Artist may not participated in selection for 12
2nd VP Report: NTAL will have a show at Bamboozle in March, and a show at Bug’s Splatter in
February. Volunteer opportunities are available for these events.

Committee Reports: 

Holiday Party: December 7, 6-8 at Compton Park. Bring a dish and beverage of choice. Tea, water and
coffee will be served. No alcohol allowed at Compton Park events. Marie and John will provide
entertaining games.

Announcements: Condolences go out regarding Mary Ellen Bitner. Service will be held Saturday Nov.
19, 10 a.m. at Sacred Heart Church. 

Carly will be doing demos at AOE for their customer appreciation day December 10. 

Blick currently has 60% discounts on custom printing and framing Nov. 25 – 27. 

Art Magazines available for free at LEC. 

Program: Gaston McKenzie Demonstration. He is a world traveled and renown watercolor artist with an
architecture background. He used to live in London now holds Plein Air events and classes locally and at
the Life Enrichment Center. Members participated in a watercolor project using Gaston’s technique. 

October 2016 General Meeting - Show & Tell

posted Oct 27, 2016, 3:17 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 26, 2017, 12:35 PM ]

Photos from this meeting have been published to our MeetUp page. 

Welcome: Lynn welcomed our visitors Don Evans, Carrie Horne, Susan Miller, Rosa Torremocha, Bill Bellgraph and Helen Pelikan.

Thanks went out to: 
  • Lloyd, for a well-organized show and reception at the Stirling Gallery. 
  • Awards for the show were supplied by Blick so make sure to visit the store and thank them. 
  • All the reward recipients present were recognized and congratulated.
  • And to Virginia and Margret for bringing snacks. 

Good News and Happenings:
  • The Stirling Show was a great success in establishing  good recognition for NTAL members. It received glowing remarks. 
Officers’ Report:
  • Secretary’s Report:  The Board Minutes are available on the website.
  • Treasurer’s Report:  Bank Balance $2,027.29.    Members 56.  (By the end of the evening 3 guest joined totaling 59 New Members) 
  • 1st VP Report:  The Featured Artist P.R. has been very good.
Committee Reports: 
  • Stirling Gallery Show art pick-up is Monday Oct. 31. Lloyd sent out an e-mail with the times. Make sure art work is picked up from the same location you dropped it off at the times listed.
  • Feature Artist Procedure was explained by F.A. coordinator Paul Noblitt. This is the 4th quarter F.A selection. John Henne will be sending out the P.R. for the winner. We are currently looking for a place to display their work.
  • Holiday Party Update: The room is reserved at Compton Park for Dec. 7. Dotty needs volunteers and will be setting up committees.  
Old Business:  
  • Volunteers still needed for Marketing coordinator and Program coordinator.
  •  Remember that to be eligible to participate in the smaller shows you need to be an active member by volunteering.
  • New Business:
  • Bug Spatter Gallery owner, Fran Byers, has offered NTAL a month long show. The board decided on the Jan. 28th date that was offered. 
  • Terry Smith is currently exhibiting at Bugs Splatter Gallery. 
  • Marie Schadt has 3 miniature pieces accepted in a national show in Washington D.C.
  • Hernie Vann will be in the Art Harvest at Dunedin in Nov. 
  • Lynn Rattray has a show at Jimmie B. Keel Library Nov. – Dec.
  • Joan Garcia volunteered for the 5x5 at Tampa Museum and encourages all to participate next year. Participants were turned away due to a maxed limit so submit early next year.
  • Plein Air Somewhere is in Dade City Oct. 28.
  • 3 new members joined by end of the meeting.  Rosa Torremocha (Restorations),  Bill Bellgraph (oil),  Helen Pelican (oil).
Show and Tell and Featured Artist: 
  • Many participated in Show and Tell. With so many participants, a time limit will need to be kept to 5 minutes. 
  • Hernie Vann was selected Featured Artist for this quarter by tonight’s attendees.
  • Virgina Butler, last quarter’s F.A., was presented with her ribbon.

Stirling Gallery Reception Photos. And The Winners Are...

posted Oct 15, 2016, 9:42 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jan 12, 2017, 6:42 PM ]

Joan Garcia and David Beebe have shared photos from the reception for the NTAL show "I Did It My Way" at the Stirling Art Studios and Gallery in Dunedin, FL. If you have photos from the event that you would like to share, send it to either Joan or Dave. The show remains on display until October 31. 

NTAL Stirling Gallery Awards 

1st In Show – “Cruising the Channel” by Joan Garcia

All of Joan’s work is equally as stunning. I was particularly drawn to the composition and balance of color in this square format. The light and attention to detail is exquisite. The luminosity of the painting gives a sense of depth and perspective from the viewer. The story unfolding above and below the water is equally as interesting creating a dynamic composition and narrative.

2nd Overall – “Homosassa Sunset” by Hernie Vann

All of Hernie’s paintings are stunning also ! I was particularly taken by this landscape with a great sense of depth and light. The warm glow of the sunset is enveloping and natural. I love the glowing and subtle highlights in the palm trees and grass.

3rd Overall – “Helping Hand” by Monica Leon

A stained glass with so many talented painters, I did not want to overlook the wonderful variety in this mixed media piece. I loved the composition, textures and color choice of this stained glass piece. The detail of the “hand” is like a period that completes the end of a beautifully crafted poem.

1st in category Painting (Oil, Acrylic, Water Color) - “The Gathering” (Wolves) by Virginia Butler

It was extremely difficult to choose the top painting award with so many talented painters in this show. I could have easily given twice as many awards if I had been allowed. This painting captured my attention for it’s beautiful detail, treatment of textures and interesting, unusual composition.

Honorable Mention Painting – “Diner’s Delight” by Lynn Rattray

1st in category Drawing/Pastels – “Berry Fairy” by Joan Garcia

A beautifully executed drawing with lush color and delicate detail.

Honorable Mention Drawing – “Afternoon of a Fawn” by Dore’ Anderson

1st in category Mixed Media/3D/Sculpture – “Silver Streak” by Lloyd Johnson

I love the choice and combination of materials and textures in this piece. A simple composition that reminds me of Pop Art greats like Roy Lichtenstein’s construction and comic strip work.

Honorable Mention Mixed Media/3D/Sculpture – “Ruptured Adolescence” by Carla Wilkins

1st in category Photography – “Mean Bird” by Sandra Vann

The selection in photography is equally stunning as the paintings. “Mean Bird” stood out the most with the tight but dynamic composition. An intimate moment caught with crisp detail. The eye moves throughout the picture with lush texture. It is also framed beautifully.

Honorable Mention Photography – “Turtle Dude” by David Beebe

September 23 Plein Aire @ Compton Park

posted Oct 3, 2016, 8:56 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jan 12, 2017, 6:42 PM ]

The NTAL Plein Aire group starts their monthly outing this month. We will be meeting in the beautiful red brick Courtyard overlooking the lake at Compton Park in New Tampa. Bring your painting materials, photography equipment, sketching materials or just come to observe. This is a once a month event usual the fourth Friday or Saturday of the month at various locations throughout the Tampa Bay area.

September 28 General Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 1, 2016, 3:30 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jan 12, 2017, 6:41 PM ]


Lynn welcomed our visitors Linda Tien and Gaston McKenzie. 

Thanks went out to: 

Carol Northington who was absent, for all she’s done with the Stirling show. 

Lloyd and Jan also for the Stirling Show. 

Jan Roser for accepting the Boards nomination for 2VP. 

To everyone who represented NTAL at Blick’s grand opening demos and the reception. 

To all who volunteer and the Board members for all they do.

To Dave and Margret for storing the items that were stored at LEC that had to be moved out.

Dorothy for planning Plein Air.

Paula Noblitt  for assisting with Featured Artist. 

And for all who brought tonight’s snacks.

Good News and Happenings:

Congratulations to the winners of the Blick Art show. Joan Garcia – 1st place. Hernie Vann – 2nd place, Dave Beebe – 3rd place.

Update on Blick – they will be hosting the Featured Artist exhibit.

Officers’ Report:

Secretary’s Report:  Margret Thomas - The Board minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Joan Garcia - Bank balance - $2469.33

1st VP Report: John Henne - Our meeting with Tim Gibbons and Jayne Lisbeth was very informative and will be sending them our P.R. release to be critiqued and distributed.

2nd VP Report:  Carol Northington, Jan Roser - Stirling Show update.  Lloyd Johnson spoke with Lennie Benette, from the Tampa Bay Times,  and sent her the information on the Stirling show. Joan suggested sending her another PR to announce the judge for the Stirling show. John enlisted to send it. Carol will send an e-mail for the art drop off and pick up instructions at Compton Park and Dave’s house.  Committee will be there to install show and lunch will be provided. Volunteer sheet passed for food and beverages for the Stirling Show. It was suggested that the artist wear name tags. Joan will provide the name tags.

Committee Reports: 

Featured Artist – Paula Nobblitt announced the details for the Featured Artist event coming up next month. This is a great opportunity to be promoted.  Selection will be made during the general meeting Show and Tell. Members can bring as many pieces as they want to show and they don’t have to be part of the competition.

Holiday Party Update - Dotty asked for volunteers and a food list was passed around.

New Business:

Tim Gibbons and Jayne  Lisbeth were invited to the board meeting to discuss exhibiting at the Bamboozle Café.  The Board decided it is a good opportunity for NTAL members and will look into exhibiting in March.  More information will be available later. 


Art Work for the Blick Small Works Show has all been picked up.

Visionaries show at Carrollwood Community Center, an exhibit for artists or organizations that have contributed to their communities.  Individuals are responsible for their submissions but can list NTAL as their organization. Deadline is in two weeks.

Volunteer coordinators needed:
Marketing – Computer skills needed
Programs – a hands on program is needed for Nov 17

Gaston teaches Watercolors and Plein Air at LEC and will be leading a weekly Urban Sketching session. 

Barb Craig was accepted in the Gadsden Art Center show in Quincy FL.

Dotty and Virginia, David and Pat will be participating in the upcoming Pinellas Ale Works Show.

Next Plein Air for Oct. will be in Dade City. Check NTAL website for photos.

Joan Garcia won 2nd place in the Hispanic Heritage Show. She gave an announcement for Blick’s prints. They are available for a good price and quality.

Break taken for Rummage Sale.

Member Input:

Suggestions were asked for future programs. 

1. Museum Trips – a lot interested.  2. Fine Art America presentation – a lot interested.  3. Art Professor Critique – a positive response.  3. Blick Printing Representative - a lot interested.  4. Gaston’s Demo.  5. Photographing Your Work – a lot interested.

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