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3rd Quarter 2017 Featured Artist Selected

posted Jul 30, 2017, 4:46 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jul 30, 2017, 7:57 AM ]

On July 26, 2017 Virginia Butler was selected as the North Tampa Arts League Featured Artist for the 3rd Quarter of 2017. Virginia has a passion for wildlife, landscapes, and still life. She paints realistic animal portraits from photos of my clients pets. Her winning entry is a portrait of "Odie", Virginia's sister's white boxer.  "My inspiration for this painting was his sagging face, eyes and all of his wrinkles!" 

Virginia adds "I acquired my painting skills by attending a few art classes, but mostly I learned on my own by reading books, magazines, and visiting art museums. I'm a detailed person; I love to paint each hair or feather and make each painting look real. I paint subjects that I have a passion for and try to portray these feelings in each of my paintings."

July General Meeting Notes

posted Jul 29, 2017, 3:31 AM by Dave Beebe

Welcome to our guest Ginger Cunningham. Good to see john Henne. 

Thanks went out for the snacks that were brought by Gloria Jean. 

Officers’ Report: Treasurer and 1st VP were absent.  
2nd VP Report – Dore' Anderson. See Committee Reports below. 

Committee Reports: 

A. Jimmy B Keel Show:
Dotty Banker is Chairman. Call to artist has gone out for the “Expressions” show Sept. 5, 10 – 12. Pick-up is Oct. 28, 12 – 2. Reception is Thursday Sept 7, 6 – 8. The Library is providing cookies and water. There is a $10 fee for up to 4 pieces. Sizes are limited to no smaller than 8X10” and no larger than 45”.  Gainor will do the tags. Prices will not be included on the tags but will be available on a list at the front desk. The rest of the information is on the Call to Artist letter. Please make sure art is ready to hang or it will not hang.  The volunteers will not have the supplies needed. 

B. Christmas Party: Diane Harm is Chairman. It will be held at the Tournament Players Club, in Lutz. Date and time are not available yet. There will be an advance cost required from each member for reservations. 

C. Bamboozle Show: Dore’ Anderson will be Chairman. Jan. 13, 2 – 3:30 – Delivery. Removal is Feb 10, 2:00. The Bamboozle show is for active members only. No fee for up to 3 pieces. No size restrictions. No commission since there is a $200 fee paid by NTAL. Card will have all artist contact on it.  

D. Plein Air: Sally Yoder is Chairman. They are taking a summer break right now but if anyone is interested in continuing you can join up with Urban Sketchers on Thursdays at 9:30. A Portrait and Figure Group will be meeting Aug 17 at New River Library in Wesley Chapel. Model fee is $ 30 between participants so the more the better.

Old Business- Carrollwood Cultural Center Show: Members were asked for feedback and concerns. Among them was it was not open to the public due to summer camp restrictions and the reception was sparse. A letter will be going out to Paul Berg, CCC director, voicing some concerns from the board. 

New Business:  Members present were also asked for feedback and opinions concerning summer breaks and programs for meetings. Most are interested in continuing through the summer without breaks. Programs during this month are not necessary. Artist just want to meet and gather. 

A concern was made that the General meetings are not advertised in local papers. Concern was also made for the lack of notice sent to members prior to upcoming meetings. (Announcements are made via our website Meetup, Facebook and an emailed newsletter is sent the week prior to each meeting.)

Suggestions for summer programs were projects for good causes and another panel project to donate or sell.

Show and Tell and Featured Artist: The members had open and unlimited time to share their work. Votes were cast for those participating in Featured Artist. The winner is Virginia Butler. Congrats!


"Expressions at Jimmie B Keel" Art Call

posted Jul 20, 2017, 1:48 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jul 20, 2017, 2:04 PM ]

This exhibit will feature art created by the members of the North Tampa Arts League. Members should enter wall hangable art pieces from their body of work that reflect and “Express” who they are as artists. The Jimmie B Keel library is located at 2902 West Bears’s Avenue, Tampa. 


Entry Deadline: Monday, August 14, 2017 

Delivery of Art: Tuesday, September 5, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (Hanging Committee will stay to hang)

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 7th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Art Pick Up: Saturday, October 28, 10:00am – 12:00 pm

FEE: $10 for up to 4 entries. The application and fee must be submitted by August 14, 2017.  See the link below for instructions and application form. 

June General Meeting Notes

posted Jun 30, 2017, 2:30 PM by Dave Beebe

Welcome: Fran welcomed our visitors - oil painter Gloria Jean Schoenagle who just moved down from Pa, and Ginger Lee. 

Thanks went out to Dore’ Anderson and her committee for the Carrollwood Cultural Center Member’s Show. 

Good News and Happenings: Congratulations to the CCC award winners; Best of Show - Roland Descombes, Cypress 1. 1st Place – David Beebe, Habana Past Tense. 2nd Place – Gainor Roberts, Somewhere the Sun is Shining. 3rd Place – Carol Flagg, Orchids and Pears. Honorable Mention – Ruth Nienhaus, Spanish Flowers and Diane Harm, Fall Feast. People’s Choice – Virginia Butler, Dos Burritos. 

Officers’ Report: Treasurer Report – Bank Balance is $2267.71.    Members 51. 

1VP – The e-mail was sent out for the Cultural Center Show art pick up reminder with the change of date and time. 

2VP – The contract for the Bamboozle show has been signed and sent. Call to artist will go out next. They are interested in having more abstract art. That could be part of the theme. The show title and theme have not been decided yet. 

Committee Reports: Jimmie B. Keel Show; Dotty Baker will be chairman and Virginia Butler volunteered to help. This is for all members. Dates have been changed to Sept. / Oct., 2017. Drop off for art is Sept. 2nd from 9 – 12. Pick up of art is Oct. 28, 12 – 2.  Jennifer Hodges has been contacted and will meet with Dotty after returning from vacation. The reception is not scheduled yet. 

Bamboozle Show; Dore’ Anderson will be chairman. This is for active members only. Dates have been changed to Jan. 18 – Feb. 10, 2018. 

Taste of Tampa Show; Pat Beebe will coordinate it. This is for any member interested in participating. A one day exhibit on Nov. 4th during the two concert. She will be sending out a call to artist. 

Holiday Party; Diane Harm is the chairman. This year the board has decided to hold the event at a restaurant. Date is pending. Several places have been suggested, Stonewood, Black Rock, Brio, Rusty Pelican, Olive Garden… She will consider dates available for around the first week of Dec. and room capacity. Reservation might need to be made with a deposit by the members that plan to attend.  

Individual Art Shows; Artist are needed for a Halloween themed show at Bamboozle for Oct. 14 – Nov. 18. Contact Tim Gibbons at 

Announcements: Steve Sparks sold two of his photos from the CCC show. 

Dave Beebe has a photo club at the Life Enrichment Center. They meet once a month with scheduled field trips for photo shoots. 

Featured Artists was printed in the Community Magazine of Pasco County. 

Program: Art Challenge.  This quarter’s challenge is “Bird’s Eye View” picked by Sally Yoder, the last challenge winner. Members participated anonymously with projects completed during the past month.  All members present voted on their 3 choices. After the voting, the challenge participants were able to discuss information about their work. The winners are 1st Place – Dotty Baker, 2nd Place – Margret Thomas, 3rd Place – Paula Noblitt. They all received cash prizes. Next challenge will be announced at the August General Meeting.

Annual Member's Show Judging

posted Jun 10, 2017, 2:05 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jun 10, 2017, 2:07 PM ]

Due to a lower than usual turnout of artists entering the show and a significant reduction in sponsor provided prizes, this year's show had to move every entry into a single, combined category. We brought in Sue Downes Allen to judge the show. Here is what she had to say about it:

"Thank you for the opportunity to judge this excellent exhibit.  I wish I had more awards to give.
Beyond an artists handling of their chosen medium, my criteria was composition, and overall effect in addition to how well each artist achieved their intent."

Best In Show:   award $75.00  & AOE $25.00 Gift Certificate
Roland Descombes       for           “Cypress Roots I”

This excellent, well composed, drawing is strong enough to catch my eye from across the room.
Close-up I enjoyed the artist’s skill and finesse with detail.  The award is won by presenting a beautifully complete work of art.

First Place:   award $50.00
Dave Beebe                for                “Habana Past Tense”   

Photography should catch an interesting moment in an original way.  Technical aspects are a given and other aspects of creativity dominate. Here the photographer achieves that as he leads us on a path of discovery with bold color and content.  

Second Place:  award $25.00
Gainor Roberts      for              “Somewhere The Sun Is Shining”

I love the title of this painting, which tells a story, while effectively using light and varying de-grees of dark for it’s powerful impact.

Third Place:   award $20.00 
Carol Flagg                for              “Orchids and Pears”

This perfect composition, beautifully painted, draws me in with the pear in the foreground and then sends my eye searching for other yellows, contrasted by a balance of purples and greens.

Honorable Mention:      
Ruth Nienhaus           for            “Spanish Flowers”

In this watercolor painting of white flowers, color and just enough darks are splashed into a beautiful composition which allows the whites to sing.

Honorable Mention:  
Diane Harm       for             “Fall Feast”

This simple but well rendered painting of corn plants and birds is elevated to award status by effective use of negative space and beautiful lights and darks.  Stand back and feel the space and design.

People’s Choice:
Virginia Butler          for            “Dos Burritos’”

This was a new category for 2017 and votes were accepted by those in attendance. There were 12 artists that received votes and each artist received exactly 2. With a 12-way tie, the award was decided by drawing (as in a random selection, not a sketch). 

See more photos at our Friends of NTAL Meetup site and  play a slideshow.

NTAL Members Show Reception Friday, June 9th, 6-8pm

posted Jun 1, 2017, 12:54 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jun 10, 2017, 5:21 AM ]

Our 2017 Annual Members Show kicked off with the opening reception on Friday, June 9 at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Road, 
Tampa, FL 33618.

Our Master of Ceremonies was Dore' Anderson, 2nd VP - Events & Programs. Dore' and a team of volunteers coordinated this year's show. 

For those unable to attend, David Beebe, 1st VP - Marketing, photographed the event. 

See more photos at our Friends of NTAL Meetup site and  play a slideshow.

May General Meeting Notes

posted May 28, 2017, 3:40 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated May 28, 2017, 3:42 PM ]

: Our guests tonight were Rose Singleton and Taylor Ikin. 

Officers’ Report: Treasurer; Bank Balance - $2357.71.  Members – 51. 

2nd VP: Membership Show at Carrollwood Cultural Center – We have 22 artists with a total of 70 entrees showing. Our show is May 30 – June 28. Drop off is Tuesday the 30th instead of Monday, 12 – 3 p.m. Installation of the show will begin at 3:00. Reception is June 9th, 5 – 8p.m. Marie passed a sign-up sheet for reception food. All participants are asked to bring finger food only. Pick-up of work will be June 29th, 9 – noon. 

Good News and Happenings: Show at Jimmie B. Keel Library: Our show is scheduled for January 2018. They also need individual artists for a Feb. / Mar. exhibit, “Celebration of Women”. Contact Jennifer Hodges at for application.  

Show at Bamboozle is Feb. 2018. Individual artists are also needed there for a Halloween themed show Oct. 14 – Nov. 18 with 20% commission. Contact Tim Gibbons at 

The Quarterly Art Challenge: is coming up June 28th at our General Meeting at Compton Park. 

Committee Reports: Plein Air is hoping to move inside for the summer and work on life models.  

Art Challenge was announced by last quarters winner Sally Yoder. The next one for June is “Birds Eye View”.

Old Business:  Volunteers are needed to bring food to the Carrollwood Cultural Center show, Christmas party, upcoming shows and other jobs. Please participate and sign up.

Announcements: Joan Garcia sold 2 paintings at Fine Art America. 

Program: A Demonstration by Taylor Ikin. She demonstrated painting on Yupo paper with watercolors. Members were able to experiment with the material. Thank you Taylor for the demo.. 

April General Meeting Notes

posted May 28, 2017, 3:37 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated May 28, 2017, 3:41 PM ]

: Fran welcomed all the members and guest, Judy Bales a print maker and Larry Greene an acrylic painter. Thanks, went out for bringing snacks. 

Officers’ Report:  Secretary’s minutes for the General meeting are available on the NTAL web site. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank Balance -  $2425.17      Members – 49 

1st VP Dave Beebe and 2nd VP Dore’ were not present. 

Committee Reports: Membership Show at Carrollwood Cultural Center: Call to Artist has gone out to members. The dates for the show run from May 29 for delivery to June 29th for pick up. Reception is June 9th.  $30 application fee for up to 4 entries. There will be prizes for awards and a people’s choice award. 

Good News and Happenings: Plein Air: The next meeting will be in Dade City at the Pioneer Museum. Bring a lunch. All are welcome. This Friday they will meet at Peter Knight airport in Davis Island. Information is available on the facebook page, North Tampa Plein Air Painters. 

Art Challenge will be announced at the May General meeting at LEC. 

Next General Meeting – May 25 at the Life Enrichment Center.  

Christmas Party will be at Compton Park, Dec. 20th. A signup sheet for volunteer opportunities was pass around to help with the membership show, Christmas Party and other duties. 

Jimmie B Keel is interested in a Show. No date yet but shows will start in July.

New Business: Vote to amend the by-laws of 1st VP duties needs to be done by membership vote. Duties added are to coordinate all social media content including NTAL website, Meetup, Facebook, Fine Art America Group and help maintain the NTAL board email contact list. Lynn Rattray made a motion to amend the by-laws of 1st VP duties. Dotty Banker second the motion. All in favor. The by-laws will be amended.  

Announcements: Barbara Craig is exhibiting with the Artist Guild at the Gadsden Art Center in Quincy FL. ( Diane Harn is showing with the CPSA Florida Chapter 113 at the Gainesville “Fine Art Center, “It’s Color Pencil 2017”, April 21 – May 19. Margret Thomas and Dore’ Anderson sold their artwork at the Bamboozle show. 

Joan Garcia’s dog Trusty, the S.E Guide Dog Super Hero’s project, will be revealed at Curtis Hixon on the 4th Friday of the month, along with 7 other artist and their dogs. Lynn Rattray is showing at Gallery at 14 Days in Ybor City.

Program - Show and Tell and Featured Artist: 12 Artist participated in the Show and Tell. The Featured Artist winner is Terry Smith for his watercolor painting. Congrats.

2nd Quarter Featured Artist Selected

posted May 9, 2017, 3:40 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated May 9, 2017, 3:44 AM ]

On April 26, 2017 Terry Smith was selected as the North Tampa Art League Featured Artist for the 2nd Quarter of 2017.  Terry’s watercolor painting, “Swamp Lilies”  depicts Florida native  plants. Terry is a member of the Florida Native Plant Society and native plants such as swamp lilies and resurrection ferns are a few of his favorite subjects to paint.

Terry Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  As a young boy he spent many hours roaming the woods along the rivers and creeks of North and Central Georgia.  “From these experiences I developed a desire to place on canvas what I had seen and experienced in the outdoors,” says Terry.  After moving to Florida he was able to explore swamps, wetlands and view birds and animals that were new to him.

Terry started painting in 1977 and has been a full time artist since 1999.  He paints what he knows best...outdoors and wildlife.  One of his favorite things to do is to go into nearby swamps and wetlands; there the textures and odors can be experienced firsthand.   He loves to observe the light as it picks its way through the foliage; such sights and scenes inspire him when painting on location.   

Terry has painted for corporations, banks, and conservation groups.  He is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society, the Miniature Art Society of Florida, and paints with Plein Air groups in his area. Terry Smith can be contacted at Website

By-Laws Amendment Vote At 4/26/17 General Meeting

posted Apr 19, 2017, 6:58 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Apr 19, 2017, 7:06 AM ]

At this month’s meeting we will also be voting to amend the NTAL By-Laws to define the duties for the 1st Vice President. Please be sure to attend this important meeting, give your proxy to an attending member or email your vote to  
ARTICLE V – Titles and Duties of Officers and Directors 
Section 2. The 1st Vice-President shall be vested with all powers and be responsible for social media, publicity and public relations. 

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