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August General Meeting Notes

posted Aug 31, 2018, 12:46 PM by Dave Beebe

Welcome:  Diane Harm welcomed all to the meeting.  Diane also introduced and welcomed Joose Hadley from Great Art & Frame.  Joose gave a wonderful, informative presentation and tips on framing your art.  Joose also invited NTAL to set up easels on one Saturday outside Great Art & Frame to display their art – this would give us exposure and also her Shop. We had an introduction from each of our members and news of each of their art sales, shows, etc.

Officers’ Report:  
Secretary:  No changes
Treasurer:  Bank Balance - $2,230.87, Members:  41 

Art Challenge:  Alan Metzger won the last challenge and chose this next challenge for September.  The Challenge theme is “Think Out of Your Box”  Paint a subject or use a technique or medium (pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor etc.) you’ve never used before; something that would not be identifiable with our normal work.  If you paint realistic try to paint impressionistic or abstract and vice versa.  Paint a new subject matter.  If you’re a painter, enter a photograph.  If there is a famous artist’s technique you like…give it a shot.  Let your creative juices flow, no holes bared.

Old Business: We still need a Chairman for our Membership Show.  We thought it may be easier and less of a challenge for two people to chair this show.  This year’s Christmas Party will be held at Compton Park on December 19, at 7 pm.  Dotty Banker is Chairman and will pass around a list for suggestions for food, entertainment, etc.

New Business: Our next Meeting will be held on September 26, at Compton Park.  We will have our Quarterly Art Challenge “Think Out of Your Box” – bring your art in a large opaque garbage bag, no signing and No Telling! 
We are also having a Rummage Sale at the September meeting - RSVP if you have items you would like to sell or trade, etc., so we can have enough tables set up. 

Our October Meeting will be Show and Tell and Featured Artist. 

Our November meeting will be held the Thursday after Thanksgiving at LEC.  The theme will be “Painting and Wine”.   Alan Metzger agreed to lead a painting class, subject of his choice, and everyone is asked to bring their own brushes, and wine - NTAL will furnish the canvases and paint. 

It was announced that the Board passed a motion to suspend the June, July and August meetings in the future, due to low attendance at these meetings.

July Meeting Minutes

posted Aug 23, 2018, 3:42 PM by Dave Beebe

Welcome:  Joan Garcia welcomed all to the meeting in Diane’s absence.  Joan welcomed new members Carri-Ann, Julie and Mike Gibson, and guest Bhala.

We had an introduction from each of our members, and news of each of their art sales, shows, etc.

Officers’ Report: 

Treasurer:  Bank Balance - $2,253.98.  Members:  41. 

Old Business:

The underwater scene composed of several small paintings, painted by our NTAL members will be on display at the Pasco Library. 

The winner of last month’s art challenge, Alan Metzger will announce the next challenge at the August general meeting.

General Business:

Our August 23rd general meeting will be held at LEC, with Joose Hadley demonstrating Framing & Presenting Your Art.

Our November meeting will be held the Thursday after Thanksgiving at LEC.  The theme will be “Painting and Wine”.   Alan Metzger agreed to lead a painting class, subject of his choice, and everyone will paint along while enjoying wine, and food.

Volunteer Activities: 

We have positions available on the Board:  VP of Marketing – Handles our newsletter, social media and publicity.  VP of Events – organizes committees for our art shows and events.

December Holiday party Chairman – Plan this year’s pot luck event at Compton Park.

The club needs more opportunities to show art – each member was asked to come up with some ideas, restaurants, banks, frame shops -

Dotty Banker volunteered to be Chairman for this year’s Holiday Party.  Discussion followed about not being allowed wine at Compton Park for the party.  John Henne will check and see if this is now a possibility.  The group discussed LEC as an option to have the Christmas party as well.

John Henne suggested having a rummage sale at one our meetings, possibly the September general meeting. 

Show and Tell and Featured Artist:

Several members participated in the Show and Tell and Featured Artist Program.  Marie Schadt is the featured artist winner.

June General Meeting Notes

posted Jun 28, 2018, 2:02 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jun 29, 2018, 8:16 AM ]

Welcome:  Diane opened the meeting and welcomed all to LEC.

Officers Report:  Treasurer:  Bank Balance $2253.00.  Members – 38 paid members.

Diane again asked for volunteers to chair the Holiday Party and the 2019 Membership Show at Carrollwood Cultural Center.  Discussion continued regarding the Holiday party and it was decided to do a party at Compton Park this year.  All agreed that the 2017 Party was great but expensive so we will alternate.  John will check with Compton and get some available dates for us.

The program was by Jessica Pruitt, Pasco County Library, The Foundry. They have an amazing amount of programs going on there.  Their slide presentation showed many of the activities at The Foundry and they have a FB page you can check for events.

Joan brought our undersea collage in for discussion and ideas as to what we should do with it.  The alternative is to take it apart and each artist will take their painting.  Jessica from The Foundry asked Joan to send her a photo of the collage and she would see if they could come up with ideas.  

Shades of Red Art Challenge was interesting with discussion on artist’s techniques.  Alan Metzger won 1st place for his Red Bird, John Henne won 2nd place for his Red Horses and Joan took 3rd place for her colored pencil of a Flamenco Dancer.  

July meeting  is Show and Tell and the August meeting will be a presentation by Joose Hadley on framing.

The next Art Challenge will be announced by our winner, Alan Metzger, at the August Monthly Meeting. 

May General Meeting Notes

posted Jun 4, 2018, 3:58 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Jun 4, 2018, 3:59 AM ]

Welcome:  Diane welcomed all to LEC. 

Officers’ Report:  Treasurer:  Bank Balance - $2,163.98.  Members:  37.  The non-renewals were dropped from the roster on May 1, 2018. 

Committee Reports:  Sally Yoder Plein Air:  Sally reported due to the weather, Plein Air will stop for the summer months and resume in October.  It was also noted a Plein Air group called Urban Sketchers that continue their outdoor painting all year and anyone is welcome to join.  You would need to go through Facebook to gather this information. 

Volunteer Activities:  
  • John Henne reported on the Jimmy B. Keel Library.  John talked with the Display Chairman of the library and NTAL needs to set a date and commit to this before we make final arrangements. 
  • Dotty Baker and Virginia Butler reported on The Fat Rabbit.  Dotty and Virginia spoke with the owner of The Fat Rabbit about NTAL displaying art at his Restaurant.  He suggested a reception either Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon where our artists could show their art.  He wanted to see samples of our work and then would converse with his partners about this happening.  A proposal was sent to John Ellwood the owner suggesting a reception be held there for our Featured Artist once a Quarter.  We are awaiting his answer.  

Joose Hadley Framing Program:   It as decided by the group to not have a Field trip to Joose Hadley’s framing shop but ask her to demo at our next meeting at  Comptom Park - more people would be able to attend.  Tess volunteered to call Joose and find out a date that would be good for her, either June 27 or July 25. 

Chairman:   A Chairman is needed for our Membership Show in April 2019 and a Field Trip Chairman is needed – no volunteers at this time. 

Art Challenge:  John Henne won the last Art Challenge so he was asked to come up with a theme for our next challenge to be held on June 27.  The theme for the next challenge is “Shades of Red”. 

Program:  Subtractive Imprimatur – demonstrated by Sally Yoder.   Members were able to create their own masterpiece!  Thank you Sally for the demo. 

April General Meeting Notes

posted Apr 28, 2018, 3:40 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated May 2, 2018, 5:58 PM ]

Welcome: Diane welcomed a new member Ann King and guests Jody and Tess.

Thanks went out to all the all the participants and volunteers for this year’s Membership Show and congratulations to all the winners.

Officers’ Report: Treasurer: Bank Balance - $2,278.98. Members: 35 paid members, 26 non-paid which will be dropped from our roster on May 1, 2018.

Since we have no one to fill the Marketing and Program and Events area at this time we asked for volunteers to fill this position on a month to month basis to come up with ideas for future events. If a member comes up with someone to demo an art process, or contacts for a demo – then that person would get credit as an active member.

Sally Yoder agreed to do a demo at our next general meeting to be held at the Life Enrichment Center.

John Henne volunteered to call the Jimmy Keel Library and find out if they have availability this fall for a membership show.

Dotty Baker agreed to contact the Fat Rabbit, a small restaurant on Bruce B Downs about displaying some of our art on their walls, and find out information of when we could start exhibiting there. It was agreed upon that the Featured Artist each quarter have the option to display their art at the Fat Rabbit.

Show and Tell and Featured Artist: Four Members participated in the show and tell program. Three members participated in the Featured Artist Contest. Alan Metzger is the Featured Artist winner. 

And the Artistic Visions winners are

posted Apr 8, 2018, 7:28 AM by Dave Beebe

Welcome to the North Tampa Arts League members show. I hope you have had a chance to look at all the amazing art work on display. And I hope you have had a chance to enjoy some of the food that has been provided. 

I want to thank all the volunteers who have worked to bring this show together. We thank the intake volunteers: Virginia, Lynn and GloriaJean. Thanks to our art hanging committee: Lloyd, Marie, David and Pat. And thanks to our 2017 board members: Fran, Joan, Margret and David. Our reception committee of Sally, Dotty and Diane coordinated our refreshments with the CCC reception volunteers and to our members who provided snacks. (Joan thanked Pat for stepping in as interim 2nd VP and coordinating another successful show). 

We are  most grateful to our very special and supportive partner, the Carrollwood Cultural Center. CCC has donated a $120 gift certificate. 

The Mount Vision Pastel Company, a local company that makes wonderful pastels, acrylics and oils, donated a $75 gift certificate. 

AOE has been serving professionals and students in the Arts, Education, and Drafting/Architectural communities since 1975. They  offer a 10% discount to all NTAL members. AOE donated a $50 gift certificate. 

Scraporium donated a $50 gift certificate. 

Blick Art Materials donated 2 prizes, a Montana Markers set with a sketch pad and a Blick’s Colored Pencil Set. 

Gott Glass donated a $69 certificate for a glass blowing class. 

Thanks to Margret who arranged for our judge, Ann Larsen. Ann has over 30 years experience in arts and non-profit business management. She has served as Assistant to the Director of the Iowa Arts Council,  Managing Director of Olson-Larsen Galleries in Des Moines, Iowa;  Executive Director of the Minnetonka Center for the Arts near Minneapolis and Executive Director for the Pasco Arts Council.  She is currently the Director of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in St. Petersburg. 

Ann's overall impression of the show was that there was a great deal of talent in this organization.  Her task was not an easy one.  She was absolutely thrilled to see such a large turn out of works is the drawing category.  She believes that good drawing skills are the backbone of art and design.  

She was disappointed in the lack of turnout in the watercolor category and that there were no 3D entries. 

*Best of Show (Roland DesCombes) Fireplace:  "The Craftsmanship and draftmanship are superb!  The tonal qualities are amazing.  Everywhere you look  there is something delightful to see.  I could not take my eyes off of it!" 

*Best in Drawing (Diane Harm) Your Other Left:  "This piece has life to it!  I love the light tough, the colors, the humor.  It is also beautifully and freely framed.  The mat and frame become a part of the art rather than what encases it." 

*Honorable mention in Drawing (Diane Harm) Big Gulp:  "Fresh, lovely, captivating." 

*Best in Acrylic/Oil (Sally Yoder) Hillsborough River State Park, Plein Air: "The artist's choice to focus in on a "small slice" of nature was a good one for its intimacy, and a selectively light touch that captured the essence of a gentle flow of water.  Also nicely presented, without a lot of fanfare, in keeping with the subject." 

*Honorable mention in Acrylic/Oil (Alan Metzger) Festive Time:  "Great composition, and the vibrance captured the essence of an art fair." 

*Best in Digital (Dave Beebe) Midway Magic:  "Strong technical skills, nice hues.  This work was just such fun to look at, with all the activity and the brooding sky threatening to open up over it all." 

*Honorable mention in Digital(Monika Leon) Red:  "Nature and man-made "props" coming together to create a quilt-like design made me smile." 

*Best in Watercolor (Fran Byers) When Opportunity Knocks:  "Skillful use of light and shadow.  Nicely rendered, this work evokes a sense of mystery about what’s behind the door.  Appropriate title." 

*Honorable mention in Watercolor (Pat Beebe) Ybor Ink:  "Working with a challenging scene with many angles and glass, the artist captured the mood of the night-time scene in a delightful way. Has a historic charm to it."

*Best in Mixed Medium (Fran Byers) Beach Trinity:  "It glows!" 

*Honorable mention in mixed medium (Pat Beebe): Cannaregio Alley, Venice:  "A simple but eye-catching piece.  Nice blend of the mediums." 

Artistic Visions Opening Reception April 6

posted Mar 30, 2018, 1:42 PM by Dave Beebe

Mark your calendars for our opening reception on April 6 from 5-8pm at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. It will be the culmination of an exciting week.

April 3 is art drop-off from 4:40-7pm

April 4 is when we hang the show from 1-4pm

April 5 is when the show will be judged

At the end of the art call, we have 18 artists exhibiting 49 paintings, 9 drawings, 8 photographs and 4 mixed media original works of art.

The event is free and open to the public. Light snacks will be served. Drink tickets for adult beverages can be purchased at the event from the Carrollwood Cultural Center. 

A big thank you to the local art related businesses that are sponsoring our 2018 Annual Members Show "Artistic Visions":

  • Carrollwood Cultural Center
  • Gott Glass
  • Mount Vision Pastel Company
  • AOE Supply 
  • Blick Art Materials

March General Meeting Notes

posted Mar 29, 2018, 2:05 PM by Dave Beebe

Welcome: Fran welcomed a new member, Allen Metzger, oil and acrylic painter and returning member Deb Newman, watercolor artist.

Announcements: Virginia Butler sold a painting at the Strawberry Festival. Marie Schadt won second place for Miniatures and Lynn Rattray won 2nd place and sold a painting all at the Strawberry Festival. Joan Garcia’s artwork was accepted in OPOA and will be exhibited at the Richland Fine Art Gallery in Nashville.

Officers’ Report: 

Treasurer’s Report – Bank Balance $2851.60.  Members 31.

1st VP Report – The announcement for the Carrollwood Cultural Center show will be advertised in Creative Loafing, Tampa Bay Online, Tampa Arts and Meetup. 

2nd VP Report – All is going as scheduled with the membership show. The volunteer positions have been fulfilled. Tonight at the meeting was the last day to for the applications. From 17 artists, we have 46 paintings, 8 photographs, 3 mixed media and 9 drawings. 

Reminders: NTAL Membership Show at Carrolwood Cultural Center Dates: Intake – April 3rd, 4:30. Installation – April 4th, 1-4. Reception – April 6, 5-8. Teardown – April 30th, 4:30-7. 

NTAL Officer Nominations and Elections: The following are the officer nominations; 

  • Diane Harm for President
  • Virginia Butler for Secretary 
  • Joan Garcia will remain as Treasurer
  • 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President are still open. 
  • No other nominations from the floor. The elected board positions for 2018 have been certified by the secretary. Congratulations and Thank you to the new board members. 

Art Challenge: There was a good amount of art for the “Water” challenge.  Congrats to the winners, 1st place John Henne, 2nd place Deb Newman, 3rd place Dotty Baker. John will be announcing the next challenge at the May general meeting.

February General Meeting Notes

posted Feb 23, 2018, 4:01 AM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 25, 2018, 5:06 AM ]

The meeting portion of our general meeting started with our President, Fran Byers, reminding those attending that membership renewals were due. 2nd VP, Pat Beebe, discussed plans for our upcoming Annual Members Show at Carrollwood Cultural Center in April. We are still working out a few details with their new curator but expect to have the Art Call published next week. The attendees selected a show title, Sally and Dotty will coordinate the reception, Marie will request vendor awards. Margaret is researching potential show judges and Fran is coordinating the contract with CCC. Fran also thanked Pat for coordinating Bamboozle. Lloyd Johnson and Dave Beebe both sold works at that show. 

Dotty Banker, Virginia Butler and Marie Schadt won awards at the State Fair.

Four times each year, the 2nd month of the quarter is our scheduled demo/workshop time at the Life Enrichment Center on the 4th Thursday. This month member Diane Harm walked everyone through a hands-on demo of colored pencils and papers. She provided a stack of paper samples for everyone to try, along with a large selection of pencils and tools. 

Annual Members Show: April 2018

posted Feb 22, 2018, 12:21 PM by Dave Beebe   [ updated Feb 27, 2018, 2:00 PM ]

Get ready for our 2018 annual Members Show, "Artistic Visions"  at the Carrollwood Cultural Center. 

This NTAL Exhibit will feature original art created by the members of the North Tampa Arts League. Members should enter art pieces from their body of work that they feel reflect their artistic vision. The Annual Members Show is open to all paid 2018 members. Volunteering to help with this show earns Active Member status for future show priority. All current NTAL members may enter up to four (4) pieces of original art.

You can download the Art Call and Indemnity Agreement forms below. 

Milestone Dates At A Glance: 
  • 03/21 - Application, Indemnity Agreement and Show Fee Postmark Due Date. If you miss this date, don't mail them. Bring it to the general meeting instead. 
  • 03/28 Application, Indemnity Agreement and Show Fee In-person Delivery At Compton Park General Meeting
  • 04/03 - Art Delivery, 4:30-7pm
  • 04/04 - Art Installation, 1-4pm
  • 04/06 - Reception, 5-8pm
  • 04/30 - Art Pickup, 4:30-7pm

Ann Larsen, Director, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art will be the judge for the show. 

  • 3D (sculpture, wood, fiber, jewelry)
  • Photography/Digital (ink or chemical processed prints)
  • Painting (all liquid media such as acrylic, oil and watercolor)
  • Drawing (charcoal, colored pencil, ink, pastel)

  • Mixed Media (combination of at least 2 of the above categories)

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