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Document Board Functions

From David Beebe - One of the initiatives we started working on this year was to develop procedures for each job function. So far, we only have a draft for new membership we started in May. This is just a start, it needs more work and its scope needs to be expanded. You can find what we have so far at

What I'd like to do is schedule one or more special meetings with all of us to complete documenting all major flows. The goal has 2 objectives. First, we'll add consistency from year to year. Second, we'll be able to have a primary and secondary for each job function. Everyone on the board should be able to backup another function. Non-board committees should also have a primary and secondary contact.

Functions include functional milestones such as:
  • Membership (new members, renewals, non-renewal, functional user ID ntalmembership) - this touches treasury, membership, newsletter, maintain official distribution list, website
  • Treasury (post office box, maintaining the books, reporting, budget, required filings, how do we make this a shared function?)
  • Publicity (media, newsletter, website)
  • Newsletter (content requirements, submission schedule, communications and publications schedule, official distribution list, website, functional user ID ntalmembership)
  • Website (ntalboard ID, publishing, domain name & annual renewal, Fine Art America Friends of NTAL group, functional user ID ntalboard)
  • Committees (commitment, involvement, coordination, requirements)
  • Meetings (board & general: agenda, notes, Friends of NTAL Meetup)
I am certain there are lots more to tackle once we get this list completed but this is the foundation of what we need to do.

All of our functions overlap so its important that we be able to meet as a team. We can try and get it done in a single meeting (2-3 hours minimum)  or split it up over multiple meetings (1-2 hours each). We can meet at Tampa Palms, at a restaurant or at someone's house. We can meet on a weekday evening or on a weekend.
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David Beebe Board Process Review Meeting 3 hours on 8/5/14. Completed review of Membership, Treasurer, Webmaster, Newsletter, Publicity and Major Events (CCC and HG)  
David Beebe Schedule kick-off meeting eMail sent 7/18  
David Beebe Publish Procedures Created Who-We-Are/Procedures page and uploaded files minus Treasury and Webmaster flows.   
David Beebe Update Webmaster Flow  Added section on administeration of Fine Art America Friends of NTAL group  
Carol Northington Prepare proposed 2015 By Laws for member approval. Restore VP Events to oversee Committees. Clarify active membership status.   
David Beebe Duties of the office of the President Added 1/30/16: The President is responsible for formalizing the agenda for the monthly Board meeting (3rd Tuesdays) and General Meeting (4th Wednesday or Thursday). The President facilitates these meetings as well. The President provides overall coordination of the efforts being made to implement the goals of the North Tampa Arts League and enforce its by-laws.   
Dave Beebe Duties of the office of 1st VP - Marketing Expand the scope of the existing 1st VP - Publicity to include all aspects of marketing outreach. In addition to press releases, the 1st VP will coordinate all social media content including the NTAL website, Friends of NTAL Meetup, NTAL Facebook and Friends of NTAL Fine Art America group. In addition, the 1st VP will co-maintain the ntalboard email contacts list with the Treasurer. Does this require a change to the By Laws?  
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